You Can, You Will!

Coming back to writing feels weird – but necessary. To think back to when I started this blog I don’t think I every expected to be where I am today in life. Plus, lets be honest, the world has gone slightly crazy. I think its only natural to drift in and out of certain things in life, for me writing has been one of those things. It brings me such joy but I have been focused on so many other things that it has been put to the side. In 2017 I am bringing it back!

I am 23 now – firmly rooted in my 20s and I feel like now is the time to get things done and to start achieving more, running further and feeling more uncomfortable than ever. Yes, uncomfortable! As many before me have said, you have to feel uncomfortable to grow, who knows how much of that is true but I do feel like I could very easily settle on the level that I’m on. Editing, filming and producing on a small scale is great but that isn’t me, I want more.

Don’t get me wrong, I am extremely happy with what I am doing and I learn more and more every day. Let me explain… last year I spent a bit of my time at ITV running on a couple of shows – I had a great time, met some great people and learnt a lot by watching these very talented professionals achieve the impossible on a tight budget. (Helicopters and all) But while I value these experiences so much, I have always been the person who learns by doing. I make mistakes, I find a way, I fix them and learn from them. My small, but ever growing production company gives me the opportunity to learn and actually PRODUCE work and find my own way. No one great has ever followed the herd and settled for the norm.

‘In order to succeed we must first believe we can’

I am a firm believer that with hard work, one can achieve anything. But theres another aspect of this that is rarely considered. You have to have an innate belief that it is going to happen – that you CAN and that you will. Motivation is hard, somedays it is there in abundance and some days you have work doubly as hard to find it (which usually involves a lot of coffee.) But it is possible, whatever is in your head right now, you can do it. Make it happen.

Next week I release my latest film ‘Living In Life’s Front Row’ – another step in the right direction. Look out for it – it is a great film and a GREAT cause.

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  1. Gemma says:

    I’m so proud of you for maintaining this blog, weirdly it’s something I always keep an eye on! I’m so glad you are happy and doing well. The worlds your oyster continue to be you and the whole world is yours to have x.

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