It has been a while…

I’m having a good day today and thought it might be time to finally update my blog, which has kind of fallen low on my list of priorities. A lot has been going on recently, all good things but they have ultimately distracted me from some of the things I love doing. Like this!

Since we last spoke I have started a few more projects in Spain and the UK, I have also officially formed Jake Waby Productions, offering actor and other promotional services. To find out more please visit the website HERE. It has been received fantastically and I am so proud and excited for where this is going.

What the beginning of 2016 has taught me, once again is that planning and worrying about the future is absolutely unnecessary. Its one of those things that, unfortunately, I will always do but will continually learn how to manage. I think personally to do what I love and enjoy my life, while earning ‘the dolla’, I just have to be flexible. I worry about not achieving greatness but will always naturally strive for that, making worrying about it unnecessary.

I am almost halfway through my 22nd year and however cliche it may be, I am constantly learning from experiences and finding new ways to challenge myself. I am still learning that money isn’t everything and time is much more valuable. I know I will never stop changing my mind on desicions I have made. I will always look forward to the future, learn from my past but try my best to be present in every moment. That who I am, right now.

I think my absense has done me good. I have naturally fallen back into writing this post, which is a good sign. I hope that you are living it your moments but not forgetting where you have come from. I hope you are looking forward but not wishing away the days. Most of all I hope you are happy, because as the old saying from the wonderful L. Frank Baum goes, ‘happiness is the best thing in the world.’

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  1. Sue Cobb says:

    Hiya Jake…..well thank goodness for this. It was lovely reading your blog again. You are rising with every breath and following your path accordingly. Its great to see you are happy and I will certainly look at your new website. Good luck in all you do. Sue xx

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