Fun Home [Day 2]

So, I have just gotten home from seeing Fun Home on the great white way. Oh WOW! It was perfect, just enough funny, just enough emotion and most importantly, real. It held 100% of my attention the whole time – if you are in NYC… see it!! I was lucky enough to win the lottery! (gotta love a bargain!) The acting in this show was incredible; the staging, set and lights were second to none. It is actually the first time in a long time I have sat through a show and not  though oh wow, thats out of place… it was actually quite nice for a change.


The reason why I wanted to write about this show while it was fresh in my mind is because it really made me think, about acceptance, individuality, creativity and love. All things that are quite important to me. I think most people go through life seeking approval and trying to find their own individual self, even if they don’t realise it! I think its part of the battle of growing up and indeed finding your path through life.

The reason why it resonated with me is that it really brings home the fact that ‘Everyone has shit going on… we all have to find a way of dealing with it.’ Whether it be in ourselves or others, I think we all have demons (not the religious, nutty kind – just the negative bits inside us)…they are there even if they are hidden quite deep, I mean none of us are perfect. I just think that the way to live with it, is to deal with it. Say what you think, even if your legs shake. Write what you feel even if all you can get out are words that make no sense together in a sentence. If you learn not to bottle things up you can actually feel quite free and then the positivity I drone on about can really start to work its magic.

Okay, enough about that. I had REALLY good cake today, well it wasn’t cake, it was pie. Please appreciate this little video…

It was just heaven in NYC. I have had a great day today and finished off just nicely with a bit of writing!

I’m really happy. I hope you are too.

See you tomorrow,

Jake xx

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  1. Debbie says:

    Love it! and a great message as usual x

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