I’m back NYC… With pride! [DAY 1]

So I am back in NYC for a few weeks and it feels incredible. I feel like I am approaching the city in a completely different way just 11 short months later. The change in me feels incredible and I’m not entirely sure how it has happened. The one thing I am feeling, if I am allowed to feel this, is proud of myself and proud of the person I have become and who I am evolving into.

There was a period not too long ago when I couldn’t just accept things as they are and had to know where I’m going, have a plan and achieve. While this does still ring true, I still make endless plans and have lists as long as my arm, however now I allow life to happen. More things are happening now than ever simply because I have stopped worrying and stressing about everything. I even feel myself walking down the street differently and smiling like I used to.I think there is absolutely a lesson in this for me, which is probably something I have said and discovered before on this journey. Stop worrying. Stop overthinking. Stop negativity. Stop using realism as an excuse… because it IS an excuse. These are all things that I always need to remind myself of… even friends get sick of hearing it.

So.. In conclusion the overriding feeling today, as I sit in a coffee shop in Manhattan, is pride. (Side note: Oh I do love my life!) Now my question to you is are you proud of yourself? If the answer is no… I think you should be, even if you are just proud of making someone smile, it all counts. Everything you do must have some sort of value to you. Try and find that feeling and don’t let it go because… Well… It’s the best.

Signing off for now, I will hopefully be back tomorrow for more NYC wisdom! Ha!

Lots of Love

Jake xx


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  1. Debbie says:

    Great blog now and I am so glad you are happy and taking life a little more as it comes because those dreams aren’t going anywhere without you !!!! Have a great time in NYC and see you in two weeks!!!!! xxx

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