It’s all about the memories we make…

There are certain memories that never fade. I will never forget my first day at high school, the uncomfortable merging of early teenage hormones into a very foreign environment. I also still remember the first birthday present I bought someone that I was so excited to give because I knew it was just right. (Yes, it was an Avril Lavigne CD) My first immobilising crush, my first kiss, the first time that I wrote something that touched someone and made them cry.

Those little moments along with many more will never leave me (I hope!) but there are things that do fade and leave our memories as time passes. Little personality quirks in people we forget about. The way things used to be, the way things have evolved and changed into this moment right here, right now. I am definitely a victim of enjoying the ride, seeing where it took me and moving on to the next amazing thing – I sound quite thrill seeking, it was just a metaphor.

I think life is a journey that is speeding along whether we like it or not, our job is to make sure we are in control and happy to keep riding on the current road. Life is not about setting one goal and achieving it – it is about setting that goal and seeing where it takes you and who you meet and the memories you make on the way is what it is all about.

In todays world the good memories, the happy times and the things that make us unique are the things we have to hold onto. Every second we spend on the negative is a second wasted. If recent events have taught me anything it is what I am writing about today. The world may not be the place we need it to be now, but we can be the people we want to be now, thats how the world is changed  for the better. My heart goes out to all the people and countries that have lost so much and I promise that today, at the start of my 22nd year I will be the change I want to see, in my own way.


It has been two weeks since I turned 22 and I have been meaning to write something! I have only just found the words. Please keep checking back for more amazing things coming soon! And hopefully more blogs.


Here’s to the next 12 months… 

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  1. Holly says:

    So well expressed as always Jake, you are right, when we feel powerless to change the terrible things that are going on in the world it helps to think that we can at least make a positive change within.

  2. Liz Glazer says:

    Wonderful writing Jake – so lovely to see someone so young spreading such a positive message and with such straightforward honest inner wisdom. I have only read a couple of posts but will read the rest with great interest. Here’s to enjoying our wonderful world! All the best – Liz

    1. Jake Waby says:

      Thank you Liz! Much love x

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