What is time?

There is something to be said for the passing of time. When you think about it in the moment, you IMG_0962cant help but think that life is flying by without mercy. But when you stop, take a second and breath you realise you have all the time in the world. I am a victim of this, I get so worked up about how fast life is flying by and how ‘I should have achieved this by now.’ However, when I stop and look out at the forever moving sea I suddenly realise: I am only 21, my whole life is in front of me and to be honest its pretty amazing what I get to do with it on a daily basis. I am currently sat in the sun on a balcony in Spain looking out at the sea writing down my thoughts. While only a week ago I was driving round Sweden producing a documentary, while looking forward to working with one of Britain’s top TV companies for a week. And this is just the tip of the iceberg.

These are all things I have created for myself in just one short year of my life. Imagine what I could do with five! I think what I am trying to say, is something I have said many times before in a couple of different ways. That is that life is not scripted, it never will be – a path you think you might be taking will change, alter and become a vast space where your life will simply happen.

Leonardo DaVinci once said ‘Time stays long enough for anyone who will use it.’ My interpretation of this is that if you use your time well, create, achieve and strive to complete your goals, you will always have time. Think about this, every moment you waste on a negative thought or moaning that you don’t have enough time (as I do on a daily basis) is a moment that could be spent achieving that thing you never have time to do.

Where do you feel you are in life? Is time flying by? Should you be somewhere you are not? These  are all questions I have asked… now I ask, does it really matter? When it all comes down to it, I don’t know where life is going or where I will be in one year or even in five. In someways I don’t want to know. The mystery and surprise of every decision I make is exciting, and where that will lead, who knows? For now I will just continue to drink coffee, think wisely and chase rainbows, it has seemed to work for me so far.

My first go on a selfie stick. Very exciting!
My first go on a selfie stick. Very exciting!

Thank you for sticking around through my silence. There are quite a few exciting things coming up and some redesigns in progress! All in good time! I really appreciate you stopping by, please come and read again and subscribe by entering your email address in the corner of this page or liking my facebook page! Lots of love! x 

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  1. Debbie says:

    I think rainbows are chasing you tihis week!! Great message Jake x

  2. suecobb218@aol.com says:

    Great words again love. Good luck in all your achievements. Sometimes I worry about you because you are so deep into your life. Always remember that Positive thinking is the best and never question yourself to the degree of worrying. I know you are positive but you do worry and it can be a disaster sometimes. Please always remain positive Jake. Things will be so good for you in the future. xxxxx Best wishes and love to you….Sue

    1. Jake Waby says:

      Thank you for your kind words Sue! Please do not worry about me, I am doing great and even though I do think about the future I don’t worry about it! Best to you xx

      1. Sue Cobb says:

        OK angel……I always keep up to date with your dad. Love to you always, you are a genuine soul. xxx

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