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I’m not going to lie, I am extremely comfortable in my life as it stands. Living in my lovely little flat, going to classes every week, knowing I can securely earn a living and strive to do what I would love to be. I love that I see different friends every week and get to live the life that I am happy with, for the moment at least. But heres the twist:

I really miss New York. I miss the memories I made there and just being within the brilliant atmosphere of the city, sometimes I wish I could take my friends and family and work and plop them in the middle of manhattan. If I’m honest with you, I didn’t expect to feel like this, when I left I was yearning for the comforts of home and the supermarkets and my friends and my life. But now I am back I realised just how much the city, the people and the industry over there made an impact on me.

I know now that I am living my life this side of the pond and trying to achieve all I can here in the UK because at the end of the day it is more familiar to me. But there is something about the excitement of New York that still appeals to me. I know one day in the future, near or far, I will make in back there and have a life there. The future really does excite me.

Its funny how much things affect you and imprint on your life – you may not realise it at the time but when you look back you know that something was really special and will always be in your heart. You mark my words – I will be back, one day. So I encourage you to find whats special in your life and hold on to it, and as always… make your dream a reality!

Just a little short thought today but I’m busy working of other little projects! So many exciting things coming up so stay tuned! Thank you for reading as always, Lots of Love xx

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  1. isra says:

    Dont worry New York isn’t going anywhere!

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