Act Like You Have it and No One Else Will Question You… 


This is something I have been wanting to write about for a while. It first popped into my head in New York, I was walking back to the subway one night, on my way back from a brilliant, inspiring workshop. I had headphones in and was powerfully striding making every step count with music that was just ‘me’  (at that time) playing in my ears and I actually stopped in the middle of the street and thought I feel great, I feel me, I feel like I could do anything right now.

I bookmarked that feeling and thought ‘I must write about it!’ I have not, until now, figured out how. Tonight I went to see a brilliant show at The Old Vic, and on my way back – for probably the first time since returning to the UK, I was walking home and felt like I could do so much. Its an elated feeling and suddenly I thought to myself, ‘Hey Jake, this works, I have heard it before but now I actually feel it’ Then proceeded to tell siri to take a note:

blog pic 7thjuly

I spent the entire seven minutes it takes me to walk from the train station to my flat thinking about this and the more I do, the more it makes sense. Often I feel as if I walk around and act like I am ‘just passing by’ instead of making my mark and imprinting my footprint on every moment. Yes, I am not going to feel like a superstar every second of every day but I want to feel like this more and not apologise for being in a situation, or simply passing by one. I believe in myself, thats the only thing that matters isn’t it? If I am happy and confident with every step I make, then quite frankly – who gives a f*** what anyone else thinks.

There are many things each of us know about our lives. I know that I sometimes change outfits 3 times before leaving the house because it doesn’t suit my mood that day. I know that one of my favourite things to do is listen to music and walk or write or… well anything! I know I work hard and always will because I enjoy it. Why not embrace that? Sass is not only reserved for Beyonce! (Evidently I thought I was Beyonce for a second there today) Saying this, I do not mean be an awful person or someone your not, I know in some situations I prefer to be quiet and sensible, but confident and powerful me should exist more because at the end of the day – thats okay. No one really cares. That is another thing I have learnt while we are on the subject – everyone is so busy in their own heads and worrying about the same things we all worry about that they don’t really care about the things that we worry they care about. (Phew!) They are too busy worrying that we care. So.. In conclusion, no one cares so be the best you!

I decided to write this on a whim before retiring to bed for the evening, but I hope it has a powerful message because I feel like this is something I’ve been meaning to say for a while. Thanks for the support and keep reading and commenting. Love xx

High Society – Old Vic

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  1. Debbie says:

    This is a great one Jake!!! The confident powerful you is always there Jake Waby​. You just forget about him sometimes. As a little one you were definitely your own self all of the time! Think about all those times you stood in the playground singing to yourself not caring a bit what people thought of you – so yes ‘Think like little Jake’ more and more. I wish I knew how to do this when I was 21! I spent too many years worrying about what people felt about the way I looked or what I said. It was only in the last 10 years that it came to be that as you say ‘nobody really cares – they are too tied up with their own thoughts and looks to really notice yours’

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