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The last few weeks have been filled with ups and downs, rights and wrongs, yeses and noes. I am forever grateful for life and believe in positivity and making to most of every single situation you are presented with. But there are always tough days. Days when you think – is this the right ‘path’ for me? Is this what life has in store for me? Have I made the right choice?

I have said it before but what I have come to realise is that there is no single path or single journey, at least not for me. I have so many fingers in so many pies and I quite enjoy it that way, sometimes areas of my life move slower than I might like but all I can do is do something everyday to make that goal possible. The early bird catches the worm is so true but you have to catch the worm again and again every day in order to really make I difference in your life.

I am learning slowly but surely to be patient and to go ‘with the flow’ of life. I am always writing lists and planning, which is great in some ways – in other ways I just need to slow things down (in my head) and know that with hard work things will work themselves out.

One of my favourite films as a kid was Sister Act 2 (very specific, very MT) but my favourite part was always the bit when they started singing ‘If you wanna be somebody, if you wanna go somewhere you better wake up and pay attention’, I can still sing it to this day. I have always been a hard worker – I prefer to be busy, but only now have I realised that you have to really pay attention to life and all the opportunities you are given. You will be surprised how many pass you by.

So my advice to myself on this lovely sunny day in London is: Continue working hard, pay attention, don’t worry, stress or plan too much and live life one step at a time. You (the reader) will be hopefully seeing a lot of new videos and project from me in the months to come, all of which I am VERY excited about. Stay tuned! And thank you for the support!


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