The art of being happy…


I have made a very important discovery lately, something that has always been playing around in my mind occasionally seeping out through the stuff I write and the things I say. This is the power and, to quote a great film, the pursuit of happiness. There is nothing more important than being happy whether that be internally happy or beaming with smiles and joy. They are both equal in value.

I feel like the whirlwind of life often takes us on journeys that we never really expected to go on. I for one never foresaw, that I would one day, want to sit in the sun and spend hours writing and putting my thoughts down onto paper but my life has led me to this outlet. When you get caught up in goals and achievements you often forget to ask yourself. ‘Are you happy?’; ‘How are  you feeling?’

I feel like I talk a lot about goals, achievements, dreams and perseverance and I have said many times that you must work hard for what you want. This is absolutely still true, but one thing that is missing from this little combination is happiness. If you are achieving your goals and getting where you thought you wanted to be and the answer to the question ‘are you happy?’ is no. Then quite frankly, what is the point?

Obviously there is always discomfort when you are pushing yourself and sometimes we have to do things for the ‘greater good’ in our lives but I think  it is always possible to find the happiness in everything – and if thats not working for you – change things up! Theres no written rule book in life, that is the beauty of it! Always stay true to your responsibilities and your beliefs but find a way to be happy while doing so.

Albert Schweitzer said “Success is not the key to happiness. Happiness is the key to success. If you love what you are doing, you will be successful.” So step outside your bubble today and just check that you are happy – check that you really want what you always thought you wanted. It may surprise you.

There is no better place to write a blog.. the summer air and sound of the wave crashing... Bliss!
There is no better place to write a blog.. the summer air and sound of the wave crashing… Bliss!

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