All the cool things in my New York City…

Today is my last day in New York. We are on month four of 2015 and this adventure is coming to a close. I am so grateful to have had this experience and to have met all the people I have in this city. As it is my last day I thought it would be appropriate to reminisce on all the awesome things I have done here:

  1. All The Broadway Shows –

This has got to be my number one as my favourite thing about being here is being able to see as much as I can and learn from what I watch on stage. I can’t describe in words how inspiring it is. While here I have seen If/ Then (a number of times), Honeymoon in Vegas, Wicked, Les Mis, An American In Paris, Aladdin, It Shoulda Been You, Matilda, On The Town, On The 20th Century, Cabaret, Into The Woods, Something Rotten, The Fantastiks and Finding Neverland.

Cabaret at Studio 54
An American in Paris – Palace Theatre
On The 20th Century

2. Attended an opening night on the great white way –

I was lucky enough to attend the opening night of Finding Neverland ‘the tale behind Peter Pan’ – This was great as I have always wanted to go to an opening night on Broadway.

thumb_IMG_2573_1024 Finding Neverland Playbill

3. If/ Then

This show really spoke to me, plus I got to see my wonderful friend Charles Hagerty playing Josh. I also got to go out of the Richard Rogers stage door to see the glaring faces of all the Idina fans! Definitely gave me something to aim for!

IMG_0012 thumb_IMG_1924_1024

4. Central Park – through the seasons

I will stop going on about Broadway now and mention one of New Yorks best places ‘Central Park.’ Seeing it change from a bitterly cold, snowing landscape to the most amazing sunny respite in a city of fast movers and tall buildings, was indeed a highlight for me. Absolutely one of my favourite places to go sit.

IMG_0010         IMG_2441

5. Lee Strasberg Theatre and Film institute

The main reason I came here was to attend this school in order to gain confidence and dig deeper into acting. Even though at times being at school again was a struggle for me it was so worth it. Meeting some of the most amazing teachers and students that helped me once again see where I want to be.

This is the street my school is on. I only just noticed that it was called this...

6. Brooklyn Bridge

This is something, for one reason or another, I haven’t done before in New York – I was shocked and amazing by this incredible land mark – the views are stunning and it is a great walk. If you didn’t see it – this is the video I made of the day me and Mum went to Brooklyn Bridge.

7. Class Wrap Party

As a final farewell to my Film and TV class with Mr. Tom Brangle we had a final class at his apartment, which incidentally has incredible views of the city and the empire state. But it was a really lovely night and a nice way to close off my journey at Lee Stasberg.

thumb_IMG_2515_1024 thumb_IMG_2510_1024

8. Living in East Village (and Gramercy for a short time)

I am so happy that I got to stay so centrally in NYC, East Village has been a great first time place to stay in New York, great little bars and food outlets and just an all round cool place with easy access to Central Manhattan and Brooklyn. (I feel like I’m writing an ad) but I really have enjoyed living here – so close to union square.


9. A day of the Highline and Hoboken

IMG_2150Somewhere I would like to return to visit in the summer is the Highline (an elevated park running through central and downtown manhattan) and Hoboken, that have gardens which are amazing to relax in looking over the whole of NYC. I think New York is a very different place in the Springtime. Even in the few warm days I have had, it has been brilliant and so different to the snowy winter I had previously experienced.

There are so many more little things I would love to list but I have to leave for the airport in half an hour! What life has taught me so far is to value the little experiences you have. Material things don’t matter and its trips like this that I can forever look back on and remember the inspiring time I have had here. There are so many people I could thank for my experiences here from Stephen Purdy, my vocal coach here in the city to my Aunty Shirley for making this all possible. I am touched by all the support I have received being here and it will always have a special place in my heart. For now – back to Blighty!

I will however be sad not to see diva dogs dressed like this…


See You Soon New York,


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  1. Debbie Waby says:

    Amazing last NYC blog jake. Can’t wait to see you tomorrow. Next blog LONDON!! Xx

  2. Sue Cobb says:

    Wonderful reading love and please have a good journey back….xxxxxxx

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