The Good (and the occasional bad)…


IMG_2475Sitting here three months into 2015 I cant believe how much things have changed, within me. I remember sitting writing my first blog post in a Starbucks on 23rd Street. I remember how I felt, sitting there quite intimidated by the city and also somewhat intimidated by the prospect of being who I am in a world of stereotypes and putting people into boxes and categories. Starting this blog was a real turnaround for me. And now, with only 8 days left in this wondrous city I am very grateful for what this blog and New York have given me.

My time at LSTFI (Strasberg) came to an end last Friday and I will forever hold the knowledge and experience that gave me, along with the confidence to be me in strange and uncomfortable circumstances. I have met so many passionate people during my stay here in NYC whether it be teachers, actors or students, it has shown me that everything and anything is possible.

There is something to be said for taking yourself out of a familiar circumstance and putting yourself somewhere new and uncomfortable. I am so grateful for the opportunity I have had here in NYC but it has pushed me in more ways than I can describe. Someone once told me ‘You have to feel uncomfortable and yucky to grow.’ Once the novelty of being here wore of – the doubts came back and the loneliness of being in a big city kicked in. But I pushed through the yucky phase and learned how much I actually believe in myself.

‘With everything bad comes everything good’ – Says me, right now.

A little analogy of this would be something that happened about ten minutes ago. The line at Starbucks was annoyingly long however while standing waiting I heard someone ask for a ‘Tall Dirty Chi’… Yes ladies and gents – this is a drink! I did not just walk into a whore house. I laugh to myself and forget about the bad in the situation. Although this is very much a 1st world problem, I think it appropriately demonstrates the way life works.

Once you push though the bad and the uncomfortable, the good will present itself – if you allow it. It is all in the way you think. I try and learn from everything I do and apart from making me a little over analytical at times, it has served me well. So, what is your ‘bad’ right now? Think about it for a second but then ask the more important question:- What is your good?

By our nature we feel so much better about the good in situations than the bad, so why do we have to dwell on it so much? I guess, once again – that is our human nature. I suggest you keep the good and write the bad on a little piece of paper. Then take that piece of paper and burn it. You may ask can it really be as simple as good or bad, black or white? … Well can it? You are the only one who can decide that for yourself. All things come into our lives for a reason, bringing something we could learn. It is our own choice whether we take it or leave it. The secret third option is to let it linger for a while. Then a few days, weeks or month down the line we finally realise why things happen as they do and ‘the good’ is obvious.

That is what I have to say this week, please subscribe and comment on the post and tell me your thoughts, I always love to know what people think of my observations on life. At 21, I don’t think I’m doing too bad but like everyone I am still learning and taking life one step at a time!

Sending love your way and all the best for an amazing end to the week,


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  1. Debbie says:

    Wise words from my wise boy!! I need to get that bit of paper, write down a few things and burn it!!! Worth a go!!! Is this your last blog in NYC? x

  2. eagletigger5 says:

    Aww well done Jake!! 😀 Sounding like a regular Ekhart Toile or Oprah there! Really enjoyable read, keep pushing yourself and loving life 🙂

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