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Baayork Lee_by_Martha_Swope_525w_700h
The incomparable Baayork Lee

This blog comes to you after I spent 10 minutes today talking to the Broadway legend ‘Baayork Lee’. Let me back up and start from the beginning. At the start of February I decided to join a community chorus that NAAP (National Asian Artist Projects) were running of the wonderful Robert Gruseki and Anya Turner’s music. The show is entitled ‘Spring Forward’ and is full of a variety of heartwarming, funny, catchy songs. Incidentally, the show is in a few weeks (flyer below) and if anyone is around, I’m sure it will be a hoot!

Anyway back to the story. I had been attending the choir for a number of weeks and this week I had a chance to introduce myself to Baayork, who by the way is the most wonderful, lovely woman you will ever meet. We spoke for a while and after explaining who I was and what I was doing with my life as well as my innate fear of attending unknown dance classes she said this to me ‘Who cares, take dance classes. Stand at the back, no one cares here in NYC. Whoever you are and whatever you do in this industry you are going to have to move.’ In hindsight I realise my response to this was very British. I said ‘I haven’t had time.’ Nice one Jake, now not only are you lying to yourself but you are lying to someone you have just met, good going.

Thinking back on this conversation I have a few notes to myself which, in true Jake Waby fashion, I am going to list below:

  • Just take a f***ing dance class. It’s not going to hurt… that much.
  • Just cut back on the British excuses
  • Always remember to be you even if you only feel at 50%, being 100% of you is the most important thing.
  • On that note, why are you ill again? Take your bloody vitamins!
  • And once again, in big letters, TAKE DANCE CLASS.

When you realise halfway through a conversation that you actually know all about a persons life because it has been in a musical you kinda sit up and take note. Therefore Tap and Jazz classes are now worked into the schedule, just this little quick conversation today has given me a little kick up the gluteus maximus to get going! Stop procrastinating you procrastinator. This week has also seen the return of the gym. Scary I know.

Not much advice for you this time you lovely gorgeous amazing readers. Did I mention you are an awesome person for reading this? And you look so pretty today, girls that means stunning, boys that means handsome and rugged. Seriously thanks for reading… even though this one was all about me! ME, ME, ME! Okay 2am. I think its sleep time. Check out my previous blogs HERE.

Love and Hugs,



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  1. simonwaby says:

    I would LOVE to be there Jake, but I don’t have time!!! No what I mean is it’s to far!

    Love you and keep blogging!!

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