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Jake Blog 6 HeaderIn my constant mission of self discovery something has occurred to me this week and that, my friends, is this – every single day I learn something new about myself. Sometimes it is something groundbreaking, sometimes it is silly and personal, but it is all helpful. The ground breaking realisations remind me of where I am going and keeps me grounded knowing theres always something to fix and somewhere to go. The silly stuff simply makes me smile and keeps the fun, playful, jokey side of me intact in a world full of formalities and seriousness.

21 Things I know about myself: –

  • Musical Theatre is my passion
  • I love chocolate
  • I am generally quite a cheesy person
  • I have an issue looking at myself (in a mirror or on camera)
  • I am in a constant battle: Chocolate VS Being the correct weight
  • I am very determined and know what I want out of life
  • Certain people (probably a list of 4 or 5) are very high up on my list of priorities in a day
  • I feel socially awkward but I don’t think people would say that about me
  • I love playing the ‘British’ card in the US
  • I have an obsessive personality
  • Often when I think I’m not good at something, its usually all in my head
  • I secretly hope to see ‘The Pig Walker’ again just to take a picture
  • The best times in my life have been when I have been able to use all facets of my creativity
  • Everyday I find a new reason to love my life
  • I am a night owl, but I love mornings, I also love sleep – three huge contradictions.
  • I have trouble reading a book but I can sit and read things on the internet for hours
  • I love NYC, I love London and I love spending time in Spain. I am a man of the world.
  • I am in a constant battle with my casting type. As much as I would love to be the guy in love and getting the girl front and centre – I am actually the funny (looking) guy in the background saying something witty, much like in life.
  • I love the idea of drinking (alcohol) and the sensation of doing so but I rarely drink
  • I get inspired very easily by YouTube
  • I would go see a musical everyday if I could

How cute is that? I am 21 years old and I just wrote a list of 21 things I know about myself, some of them we have always known (thanks Aunty Mandy for my first chocolate roll at the age of 1/2) and some of them have recently dropped into my life. The point of this is not to be self-centred and tell you all about me. Its to demonstrate that everyone must subconsciously realise something new about themselves on a daily basis and if you don’t think you are one of those people start thinking about it because you may realise that you are that person. If you take the opportunity to listen to yourself you may be surprised about what could come out of that.

Think about it this way, how are we meant to develop as a person if we don’t know who we are and how we feel about life at this moment in time? The answer to that question is we can’t. I make most of my choices on a whim – sometimes intellectually driven, and sometimes emotionally. But all of those choices come from the fact that I have listened to what I am telling myself. That way moving forward I always know that what I am doing is motivated by me and my ‘personal feedback’. Therefore I am constantly rediscovering, learning new things and making new decisions. I am not saying those decisions are always right but that is the beauty of it, It keeps life exciting.

Disclaimer: This is a 3am inspired blog. Written in the hours of night I cannot be responsible for how coherent it is. Take what you can from it!

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