Jack of all trades, Master of none – BULLS**T… 

peak-potential-660x495No single person has just one path or one single interest in life. This is truer for me now than ever. Everything that I am being taught, not only at school but in life, is making me open my mind to all the things that I had only dared to snatch a thought about before now. Growing up I was always the person that would have fingers in every pie I could. Acting, singing, technical theatre, filmmaking, directing, writing… the list goes on! While training in London I taught myself to focus in on my passion which is Musical Theatre living by the old adage ‘Jack (Jake) of all trades, Master of none. As life goes on I realise that I am passionate about so many things! Why do I have to limit myself to one path just because that is the ‘norm.’ I think if I have learnt anything about myself over the years, its that I am not the ‘Norm’ and I will never be.

Society sometimes limits the options we think are available to us. For example, I did not go to university to study English or Writing. Does that mean I can’t write something compelling, captivating and interesting to read? No. I decided to start this blog to build up my experience in writing so that people can read what I write and enjoy. I thank you dearly for actually reading them and telling me how much you enjoy what I have to say. Its nice for me to know that I am going in the right direction.

What this all comes down to is that I want to get rid of the cliche ‘Jack of all trades, Master of none’ I think it is antiquated and created to only limit someones creativity and work ethic. When I have 100 things on the go I am happier that when I just have one thing day in and day out. It mixes things up and makes life exciting. The thill-seeker in me loves the challenge of having to finish a Blog in 30 minutes so I can head across town for a singing lesson before going uptown to Lincoln Centre to the Library of Performing Arts then coming back to my humble abode to learn lines for the week ahead.

I must not be the only person to think like this – everyone must learn this at some stage, whether you are in your twenties or not. At the risk of repeating myself in these blogs, I would like to leave you with one final thought.

Ones potential is bigger that each of us even know. We can do whatever we set our mind to is something I say a lot but what I don’t think I have yet said is that we can do EVERYTHING we set our mind to. Sometimes life can get in the way, I don’t deny that and often we can get tired or run down by the dramas of life and the situation we are in but that should not stop us from achieving everything we want to in life. Who cares if its the norm or not? I don’t, why should you?

This is the street my school is on. I only just noticed that it was called this...
This is the street my school is on. I only just noticed that it was called this…

I hope you have enjoyed this ‘Think Like Jake’ post. Again I want to thank everyone for their support of this blog, I always look forward to sitting down and writing one of these for you all to read (and for me to discover). Tomorrow I am hoping to upload my first video edition of this blog to update you with the goings on in NYC. Ciao for now!

Jake xx

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  1. Debbie says:

    Love it Jake and you were going to be Jack! So jake of all trades master of many! We can rewrite it! Can’t wait for the video!

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