I Dare You…

There is something I cant quite get my head around and that is loss. I’ve never been great with understanding loss in all its forms. A loss of a friendship baffles me, a loss of an ideal makes me wonder what I stand for, a loss of faith in someone makes me want to build up trust again but a loss of a human life is something that supersedes all of that. Emotions are indescribable, It spreads far and wide and makes you realise how many lives one person has touched.

I lost my Aunty Shirley back in 2013 and I have never felt more inner turmoil and outburts of upset than I did at that time. Just knowing that I will never hear her voice again, at least in this lifetime, still brings a tear to my eye. On Monday night another beautiful young soul left for adventures new and untold. I never met Tia, my sister-in-law’s niece, but always knew who she was from a young age – her strength through everything makes be proud to be related to her in the tiniest of ways. My thoughts go out to the whole Krier family and know that I am sending love and that I am here for you.

I have not yet met one person who has not experienced loss. What it teaches me more than anything is that your life is there to be lived. Dream the impossible, do something crazy, love who you want to love, care for those who mean something to you and most importantly be who you want to be. Remember impossible is only a word and it never stays impossible forever.

I know that in my life I want to be like the people who inspire me, taking a little bit from each of them and using it to make a difference. What do you know about yourself? What do you want from your life? You can make it happen and you can make it happen today because today is the day. Tomorrow is of course another day with other opportunities but who knows what will happen tomorrow. So now this post is concluding I urge you to do something amazing. Do something you will one day look back on and smile about. I dare you.


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  1. Manda says:

    One word Jake BEAUTIFUL XXX

  2. simonwaby says:

    Hi Jake, i like it keep writing.

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