Go Get Em!

So I am on a plane again! Not unusual for me… I was in Amsterdam 2 weeks ago, Paris on Tuesday for the day and Spain for what I like to call an ‘edit break’ today. I call it an edit break because I tend to go to Spain when I have a lot of video editing to do because I’d rather edit in on a beautifully picturesque terrace looking over at the sea rather that stuck inside at my desk. These are the luxuries my life affords at the moment… I love it. I am fully in charge of my own life and work hard to afford to make all of this happen.

Earlier this week I saw something that sparked my interest and made me think on Facebook:


Constantly torn between “if it’s meant to be it will be” and “if you want it, go get it.”

Now the reason this interested me so much is because I think at one point or another I have whole heartedly believed in both mind sets. But I want to clarify – you will not get ANYWHERE without hard work and patience. So surely that means that both of these are valid – but I think you need to think about differently so I am going to adjust it.. to the best of my ability:

IMG_0563. edited.jpg

Have faith in yourself and your journey and work f***ing hard.

I think more often than not the old adage ‘If it’s meant to be it will be’ is used as a cop out, an excuse to be lazy. If you want something in this world – you have to go out and grab it, if you want greatness – you have to work harder than anyone else and if you want to be the greatest you have be prepared to work every single second of every single day. No clocking off at 5pm on a Friday!

Maybe I am being a bit dramatic (it has been known to happen every now and again) but I can only speak my truth right now in life and what I am learning. As I said before, life right now excites me.. I’m grabbing onto each moment and living to the fullest.. what more could I ask for? Now that’s enough from me for this week. Go get em, reader!


This is my 3rd weekly  blog which is quite an achievement! 🙂 I will continue to post weekly for as long as possible as I’m really finding the joy in it again. There will also be some more movies coming very soon. Thank you for all the support as usual xx

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  1. Susan Cobb says:

    Hiya Jake, regarding those few words about “go and get it “or “its meant to be”. They are both relevant and at the end of the day whatever you do will have “meant to be”…….so no problems love. We will do what we will because we have “free will”……lead on Jake….xxx

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