The Throwback Blog – Day 3

So things have kind of got away with me again and I have missed a day! Oh well… today can be Day 3. I am kind of lost for words. I always use this blog to figure things out. The things I write about are the things that I am trying to work through myself and writing about it helps me and sometimes, as a bonus, helps other people. The problem is, at the moment, I have no problems. I am really happy and excited. And I love christmas so that helps.

I thought today I would do a top ten blog where I tell you about my favourite ten blogs that I have written… kind of a throw back Thursday… but on Tuesday.

10. My First Leap…

You know, I really love this one because it reminds me of when I first started doing this and how I felt publishing my first blog post. Looking back on it now 32 posts later – really put things into perspective and how much I have learned along the way is incredible.

9. All That Snow…

This is in at number 9 simple because I LOVE this Vlog – I definitely have great memories from the start of this year.

8. The Blog with Too Many Cliches

This was a bit of a game with myself to see how many cliches I could get in one blog. I did very well. Extremely cheesy!

7. It All Fades Away

This was my first ‘Singing blog’ with my buddy Carl Lindquist. I really enjoy this video and what I’ve written to go with it!

6. What is Time?

The magic of time…

5. The Things I Learn

Don’t underestimate the power of knowing yourself… I explore this in this blog.

4. Act like you Have it and No One Else will Question You

Confidence is key. I enjoy this blog because I talk about having the confidence to just go for it.

3. Here’s to things that aren’t impossible…

I still say ‘it is entirely possible’!

2. Success is Just Around the Corner…

I remember writing this one… in a Starbucks (as usual) and reading it back I really think it screams optimism, triumph and still really speaks to me.

  1. Just the answers…

I think this is also very me! And you have to love the mystery! I imagine most of the people who are close to me have figured out the questions. Its a bit of a silly one.. which I think is why I love it so much.

I hope this wasn’t too much of a cop out. I really enjoyed reading through some of my old blogs re discovering old thoughts and words that seem stamped on moments of my life. I hope you are having as great of a December as I am having.

Lots Of Love


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  1. Debbie says:

    Its like a trip down memory lane of the last year! And what a great year! Even better year to come for us all. x

  2. Sue Cobb says:

    Nice one Jake, once again and very interesting.

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