The Return…

The new wall... My own design
The new wall… My own design (*bows gracefully*)

So I have been back in London for two weeks! Time has really flown by. I am all settled back in and sleeping as well as I ever have on UK time. One thing is very clear, I really missed my flat. I walked in said, in my slightly high, jet-lagged state, “It looks so different, its so bright and lovely.” I am so lucky to have a space thats all mine that I have filled with things that make me happyand inspire me. As soon as I got back I started work on an idea I had for my wall which has turned out to be my new favourite thing.

Since being back I have had chance to really evaluate my stay in NYC and work out what I need to take from the whole experience. While there were definitely some things which can stay in NYC, there was so much to take from the experience that can really serve me well. Incidentally, Something I missed off my last blog where I described the Top 9 moments in New York (yes.. 9? Could it have been all that difficult for find one more and be a conventional Top 10? Well I guess that’s me all over isn’t it) is when my Mum came to visit me and we went to see Honeymoon in Vegas and distracted by free cocktails, I failed to notice this –

mum and steve arror

My mother got a picture with the legend that is Stephen Sondheim. I saw this when I got home that night and was devastated. (In the midst of freaking out)

With that stagey moment over, I think I shall get on with what I wanted to write on this rainy Sunday morning in London. Something i’ve noticed since I’ve been back, which I don’t think I took much notice of before, is how seriously we all take life. I always thought that the key to success was positivity, hard work and a little bit of luck. But now I realise that the ability to relax and say ‘everything is okay, its not the end of the world just because its raining or snowing (even though we all know how I feel about snow).’ We all go though shit in life, I do understand that but the ability to take all that tension, worry and stress just breath and say ‘today might be different’ or even ‘today WILL be different.’

This all important revelation came yesterday when I was walking to the gym, I had my headphones playing songs and I was completely in my music. Trust me, I was giving the most awesome Bernadette Peters-esque performance in my head. All of a sudden I looked up and somebody smiled at me, for no reason. Now this may have been because I pulled a door that clearly said ‘Push,’ however, it really made me think. How often are we so wrapped up in our own lives and forget other people exist and have feelings? I know I do it a lot. Equally, we all know that one smile can make someones day. So, I bet you now, the next time you catch someones eye, you will think about this, and just smile.

Love you all,


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  1. Sue Cobb says:

    Once again a good read thankyou Jake…..Its nice to see you are happy being back home. I agree with nearly everything you say but would just like to make sure you never forget to be POSITIVE. You can sit back and relax but in a positive mode. xxxxxxxxxx

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