Success is just around the corner…

The set of If/ Then

I think I live on cliches. Cliches inspire me, make me happy and just appear in my brain when least expected. ‘Life is what you make it, its cliche which means its true’ is a lyric from a show I have recently seen (and loved) called If/ Then. The show explores two different realities based on one single decision. While watching this show something occurred to me and this is what I wanted to write about today:

“The only people who don’t succeed are the people who give up”

This rings very true to me in my life at the moment. As I fast approach the end of my schooling journey, which I know I am ready for, I have the prospect of going out into the big scary world and trying to get a job, as everyone does. For most drama students, this is when the majority of people give up. Without an agent or a job the future seems very uncertain, which is scary – but for me that is exciting.

As I have often mentioned the road you take in life is an uncertain one; turns, bumps and speeding tickets should be fully expected. I often think about how I grew up wanting desperately to be Robbie Williams (a British pop star) then my dream developed into wanting to be a singer/ actor. And this is only in 10 short years of my life. What will happen in another 10? Who knows! But for now what I do know is that giving up on the things I love is not an option.

While the things I love stretch far and wide covering many different areas of creativity, you may just have one love, say for example your friends and family, If that is your love and what you want from life be the person who is 100% committed to that. That is success.

I think we all confuse what success is, success isn’t mounds of money, fame or popularity. Success is happiness, achievements, fulfilment and living how you want to live. Success can only be judged by the individual, If it were really judged by society no one would ever achieve it. The bar post is always moving and the moment an achievement is made the next goalpost is set, by someone else.

In one of my classes I was asked the question ‘Do you live in your greatness?’ Immediately I dubbed the question as being ‘Very american’ or ‘too egotistical’ but now I realise what is means. It means are you successful for YOU? Are you great in your own mind. And this is something we should all be, great in our own mind.

So now I turn the tables and ask you, the reader, do you live in your greatness? Are you successful? How you measure success? Giving ourselves credit for things we achieve and our successes are more important than any of us know. So start today, know that what you do is worth it and be ecstatic that you have achieved a goal. From today forward I vow to be prouder of what I achieve. Don’t ever give up on success, it will always be just round the corner.

A morning of musical theatre...
A morning of musical theatre…

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  1. eagletigger5 says:

    Great blog post Jake, VERY true! 😀

  2. Simon says:

    You know I live in my greatness, I also live in the greatness of my family! All my children are happy and successful in what they do and what they want!! My grandchildren all have their own individual greatness! Looking at them over the last week shows me how wonderful they all are they all have different qualities! But they all seem to have bonded this week in Differant ways! It shows us all really they are so young and have no fear as to what others to think or expect they are just themselves!

    We can all learn from children they don’t judge they just want to have fun!
    So Jake, enjoy what you are doing now, learn what you can and take it take it to the next level!

    You are right success is just around the corner all you have to do this turn!!


  3. Debbie says:

    Wow Simon, very profound. Seriously I wish that I was so self aware at 21 as you are now, I am only starting to realise some of the things you are already there with. However the show about different realities immediately made me thing about red dwarf and that if every decision made in life leads to infinate realities then there are many other Jakes lliving all them realitities! There would even be a Lincoln Jake, imagine that!!!

  4. Sue Cobb says:

    This all takes me back to when I was your age Jake. I so wanted to be a singer and boy did I have my chances. I done TV and many shows BUT it actually was obviously not meant to be in my life. Never give up, this is very true, always go towards your dreams because to be honest there is so much fun trying to get there, I can see in your eyes, your wanting and you have also achieved so much already. You have the ability, you have the charm and you have the wanting…..just go for it love in whatever way you have to and you will succeed. Oh, by the way I did realise my dream eventually……it was so different to what I thought I wanted but believe me I am a far better person now than I ever was and this makes me happy. Good luck darling. xxxx

  5. Holly says:

    Indeed a very American question Jakey, but dont you just love them for it!
    Most of the horrible things that people do to themselves and others stem from not liking themselves very much so a bit more greatness wallowing from everyone can only be a good thing! xx

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